Entering into Your Child’s World

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Entering into Your Child’s World

“Parents, you are the key.” As you help your children to navigate a minefield of temptations, it is important to have a good relationship with your children. Parents need to be reminded that rules without relationship leads to rebellion. Computer and mobile phone without relationship leads to rebellion. How do you become a good compass guide to your child? Learning to build great bond with them by entering into their world is the stepping stone and starts your influence from there.  Come join us of a series of parenting talks starting in 22th June 2018.

For more detailed conversation, contact:
Lee Chee Tong 0127395917
Chong Ying Jiun 01123287582


家长们,你就是那个关键。在我们帮孩子面对这充满种种诱惑战场的世界里,我们需要知道亲子之间的关系是非常重要。家长只偏采取严格的或太潦草的管教,会造成叛逆。要教导孩子怎样适当的运用手提机和电脑,如果没有与孩子有良好的关系,也很有可能会造成孩子的叛逆。 你想要做一个可以与孩子们拥有一个良好的关系和做一个好的教导吗?我们必须学习怎样去进入孩子的世界与他们沟通然后再影响。 请来参加我们的六月22 号开首的亲子教育班。

李志忠 0127395917
张颖君 01123287582

Traditional Games 2 传统游戏2

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Family Youth Interaction (FYi) Event 亲子关系互动游戏

Our second installment of introducing and engaging into the fun and values of playing traditional games as families.


Board-Games Event (FYi March)

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Come, join us in the latest FYi event for this March School holidays. We will be playing and discovering our strengths and weaknesses through a few games relating to “Boards“, i.e/, white board, magnetic board, wooden boards etc.
Date : 18th March 2018 (Start of School Holiday)
Time : 2pm
Venue: Hotel Tower Regency 17th Floor, Sky Lounge
Chee Tong: 012-7395917
Ying Jiun : 011-23287582

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建立在磐石之上 – Building on The Rock

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* There will be English Translation during the service.




Alvin was called to serve in the full time ministry in 1994 and was appointed as an Evangelist in August 1999.. After dynamically growing the Chinese-speaking ministry for many years, Alvin and Julie were asked to begin leading in the English ministry as well. They lead the Chinese and Golden (Senior adults) ministries of the Singapore church. They also oversee the church in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Both Alvin and Julie are Family Life Educators. They received their certification from Swinburne University in Australia and Family Resource Training Centre, Singapore. Alvin has proven an especially invaluable asset to the church as a brilliant Mandarin speaker, writer and translator.

Family Youth Interaction (FYi) – Traditional Games

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While children needs time to play with other children, however, early childhood development research shows that playtime with parents are vitally important. When parents have regular play time with their child, it makes the child feel special. Playing with your child somehow will create a bond that will last forever . It let the child know that he is appreciated and loved. It opens the channel for children to open up their struggles and problems . It helps the parents to identify the child’s uniqueness. Playing is a great stress reducer for overworked parents too.

Hence , family game day is the first step to start. We have organized a family fun day based on traditional games this Saturday. Do come and join us. Please pm if you have queries on this.

Chee Tong 012-7395917

Ying Jiun. 011-23287582

Calvin. 017-2001861

I Choose Us – Monthly Marriage Workshop

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In this new year of 2018,


Do you want to have a great marriage but are unsure how to go about it?
Have you just gotten married and want to maintain that “in love” feeling?
Do you wish your spouse understood better how to meet your needs?
Are you struggling to keep the fires burning with your spouse?
Are you curious about how to prevent marital breakdown?
Are you possibly thinking of divorce but want to give it one more try?

Come and join us in this interactive monthly marriage workshop.
It is based on the book & program developed by John & Karen Louis. Click here for more information.

Date: 19th Jan 2018 Friday 8pm
Venue: 17th Floor, Tower Regency Hotel, Sky Lounge

Family & Youth Scavenger Hunt 亲子户外寻宝活动

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Scavenger Hunt Nov 2017

Come and join us in this fun, exciting outdoor family & youth interaction Scaveger Hunt on this Saturday morning. All families are welcome to join us. For more information please contact:

Ying Jiun: +6011 2328 7582
Chee Tong: +6012 739 5917