Mr Lau’s Baptism 7 June 2015

I first met Mr. Lau last year through a mutual friend. One of the things that struck me was his love for God and kindness toward the less fortunate.. He constantly shares his faith and talks about ways to help the needy around him. We visited a number of orphanages together and he has been very supportive of our community work.

In his humility, Mr. Lau decided to study the bible. After studying for about 8 months, he realised that he did not fully understand many things about Christ and the bible, including repentance of major sins in his life.  Recognising this, he decided to repent fully of his sins and was baptised on June 7th with a full understanding of who Christ is and what it takes to follow Him.


To view photos, please click Photo Gallery of Mr Lau’s baptism

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