“Finding HOPE” – Fundraising Charity Documentary

Title: HOPE worldwide Malaysia Finding HOPE Charity Documentary Screening 2020

In the occurrence of the COVID-19 pandemic, many are struggling with their means hardly met. HOPE worldwide Malaysia desires to turn this adversity into an opportunity by holding a new norm fundraising event to continue building resilience among the underprivileged families.

We would like to invite you to support and donate through our new norm fundraising event.

You can:

Step ①: Subscribe to our YouTube ChannelFB
Step ②: LIKE & Follow us on Facebook at https://cutt.ly/HOPEwwMsia

Their stories remain untold without YOU watching it. Together we continue to give hope to the underprivileged families!

Our Appeal:
Please make a VOLUNTARY DONATION on https://www.hopeww.org.my/donate/ after watching the screening of the Documentary to support our ongoing Community Programs that help more underprivileged families to break through the poverty cycle!

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