Kean and Kah Mung’s Baptism 4th Sept 2016

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Kean and Kah Mung came to our church since July 2015. They came for counseling at first. When they got to know the church a bit more after a few counseling sessions, they fell in love with the Bible and His Kingdom. Kean and Kah Mung are humble learners. Not only have changed in their characters, marriage and parenting styles,  they also came to know that in their imperfection,  God’s power is being demonstrated.

Kean & Kah Mung’s Baptism 4th Sept 2016 from Free Life on Vimeo.

Yannis’s Baptism 21 Feb 2016

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It is so awesome to see Yannis making Jesus Lord in her life. It has been encouraging seeing her embarking on her journey to know God. She was just Primary 6 when she started visiting our church and was very eager to study the Bible then.

She started studying the Bible since. She has fought through different challenges in her life, be it on her own character, or some life challenges, her heart never failed to seek after God and His Word. We are very proud of you, Yannis! Welcome to the Kingdom of God.


Mr Lau’s Baptism 7 June 2015

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I first met Mr. Lau last year through a mutual friend. One of the things that struck me was his love for God and kindness toward the less fortunate.. He constantly shares his faith and talks about ways to help the needy around him. We visited a number of orphanages together and he has been very supportive of our community work.

In his humility, Mr. Lau decided to study the bible. After studying for about 8 months, he realised that he did not fully understand many things about Christ and the bible, including repentance of major sins in his life.  Recognising this, he decided to repent fully of his sins and was baptised on June 7th with a full understanding of who Christ is and what it takes to follow Him.


To view photos, please click Photo Gallery of Mr Lau’s baptism

Belle and Sue Yi’s Baptisms 21 Dec 2014

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We are really rejoicing in Ipoh to see these two women added to our church family. Belle and Sue Yi have deep convictions about following God. Both of them have put their hearts into studying God’s word over the past few months. It is such a joy to see them making their commitment to Christ in their baptism.


To view the photos, click on photo link: Belle and Sue Yi’s Baptisms Photo Album


Andrew Ling’s Baptism 6 Dec 2014

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Malaysia Youth Retreat: Baptism! Nothing feels more special than watching one of the teens make Jesus the Lord of his life.

Andrew Ling (16 years old) from Ipoh, on 6 December 2014, did just that. He has been studying the bible for about eight months. I appreciate Andrew. He is someone who has deep conviction about what he believes in. He knew when he first started studying the bible, that he was not yet willing to follow Christ as the Lord of his life. He was very open about his lack of belief. Yet, he was not deterred by it but was still very eager to investigate and to find out how to get the type of faith that he needed.

In August this year, he came down to Singapore to attend the International Leadership Conference. This conference was attended by participants from all over the world. Through the fellowship, the lessons, and the lives of the disciples, Andrew was inspired that he can get the faith that he needs to be a disciple. After that, Andrew became even more eager to learn and within a few months, he made Jesus the Lord of his life.

It was so special to watch him baptize in the river at Tanjung Malim during the Malaysia Youth Retreat this past weekend.

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