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Kean and Kah Mung’s Baptism 4th Sept 2016

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Kean and Kah Mung came to our church since July 2015. They came for counseling at first. When they got to know the church a bit more after a few counseling sessions, they fell in love with the Bible and His Kingdom. Kean and Kah Mung are humble learners. Not only have changed in their characters, marriage and parenting styles,  they also came to know that in their imperfection,  God’s power is being demonstrated.

Kean & Kah Mung’s Baptism 4th Sept 2016 from Free Life on Vimeo.

IPoh Man – 2015 Year End Movie Contest

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Ipoh Year End Mini Movie 2015 – The IP-oh Man from Free Life on Vimeo.

The Bible teaches that we should love one another with no boundary. This movie featured a disciple’s life in Ipoh Church. We featured him because he is a disciple from a far far away land of Mozambique. He came to Ipoh Malaysia to study. However, as an alien in a foreign land, he couldn’t locate our congregation for many months. He didn’t give up and finally he found the Ipoh Church. The movie showcases the making of a disciple, the commitment to God, and the community that has no boundary everywhere.

The making of the movie was the product of our very own Ipoh’s Youth and Campus Ministry! The movie received the “Most Entertaining Movie Award” in the 2015 Year End Mini Movie Award in Central Christian Church KL.

Ipoh Good News Sharing for Malaysian Churches Conference 2014

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Last weekend, 30th and 31st August, our churches were gathered together for the Malaysian Churches Conference 2014. Ipoh Church shared their good news of God’s work for the year 2014. Watch below our good news.

[vimeo 101530960 w=601&h=338]