Atashinchi Go!

3rd Family-Youth interaction (FYi) atshinchi01

Workshop 3

An Outdoor Families Bonding Event!

In 2015, according to report from The American Academy of Pediatrics (APP), that over the last few decades, due to the busy lifestyle of working parents and the increasing emphasis on academic achievments, the amount of play time for children has greatly decreased both at homes and in schools.

This has a negative impact on the growing development of the children. There are many benefits of play in the child’s development, as well as on the cohesion relationships between parents and child!

#1 Physiological benefits:
– plays prevent Alzheimer’s diseas
– spur neutrons growth and make new connections
– promote better hand-eye coordination
– opportunity for breathing better air in nature
– relief headache
– better blood flow and circulation
– improve fitness

#2 Social benefits:
– social bonding
– create healthy communication platform
– emotional bonding
– social skills
– create great memories 

#3 Academic benefits:
– enhance problem solving skills
– develop creativity
– learn to think out of the box
– think on the feet

FYi 3 – Atashinchi Go! 10th Oct 2016 from Free Life on Vimeo.

Feedback from participants

This event came most appropriately as yesterday was Malaysia’s Sport Day. The team building games and activities were very useful in building relationships within and between families. It was also a helpful and bonding time as a church. Keep it up!
Kenny Lai

I love FYi events since the first one because they helps me to interact with my family and have good connection with my kids in different stages of ages and my husband. The 3rd FYi even helped me to connect with other family groups when we joined up as a team. The games were brillant, fun and amusing. I could play for a couple of times for each game! I can learn about teamwork, strategies, courage and ideas while connecting with my family. This event brought me back to when I was a youth, feeling fun and energetic. Thank you very much for all the brothers and sisters who creatively invented the games and made all of these come true. I wish to join again if there are more events coming up!
Kah Mung

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