Family Youths interactions (FYi) Events

FYi Logo 2018
While children needs time to play with other children, however, early childhood development research shows that playtime with parents are vitally important. When parents have regular play time with their child, it makes the child feel special. Playing with your child somehow will create a bond that will last forever . It let the child know that he is appreciated and loved. It opens the channel for children to open up their struggles and problems . It helps the parents to identify the child’s uniqueness. Playing is a great stress reducer for overworked parents too.

Hence , family game day is the first step to start. We will be organizing periodically family fun events. Do come and join us. Please pm if you have queries on this.

Our March School Holidays FYi Events of 2018!!!
Date : 18th March 2018
Time : 2 pm
Venue : Hotel Tower Regency 17th Floor Sky Lounge
Theme : BoardGames
We will be playing and discovering our strengths and weaknesses through a few games relating to “Boards“, i.e/, white board, magnetic board, wooden boards etc.

Past year FYi Events!