Shaolin Soccer


1st Family-Youth interaction (FYi)

Workshop 1



铁头功 (Mental Head Skill) – Youth throws ball towards parent and the parent need to use the forehead to hit the ball onto the pail. Ouch! Need some forgiveness after the game.

#1 Do Forgive

Closure is an important element in moving past relational pain and the hurts and disappointments that are normal within any family. The goal is not the avoidance of all conflict, but how to effectively resolve issues and restore relationships that is essential. Helping family members work through a problem, employing Christ-like forgiveness, is better in the long run than simply letting them work their way out of a problem.


金刚腿(King Kong Leg Skill) – Parent will kick balls towards the youth. The youth needs to catch the balls with the pail. This game need lots of coordination of limbs and parents find it difficult to do so! Similarly, learning to communicate affirmation and love is not natural for Asians. 

#2 Do Affirm

Love can be communicated in many ways and forms—physically, verbally, spiritually, etc., in word and in deed. Employ all of them—frequently, consistently and with a determined initiative. The blessing of affirmation has the power to touch deep into the soul and releases our children with confidence to a future that is more secure.


一阳指(Single Finger Skill) – Parent and youth partnered to use their fingers as soccer player to play against another parent-youth team. This game require parent & youth to communicate strategy  to win.  Likewise, parents need to coach their youth & encourage them to express openly their emotions and feelings.

#3 Do Express

Model your feelings with honesty, genuineness, transparency, and in such a manner that honors Christ. God gave us emotions, even the strong ones, and they are what make us human. Teach your children balance and decency when it comes to self-expression. If they are never allowed to show emotion, they will dry up. If they only show emotion, they will blow up. However, if there is a healthy balance between the two, they will grow up.


龙爪手(Dragon Fist Skill) – Parent and youth partnered need to learn to count synchronisely with one another in order to throw & catch ball thrown to each other. This game require parent & youth to use strategy, trust, & communication to win.  Parents need to empower their youth through all the above learnings to help them to be engaging in the family.

#3 Do Empower

When a home is filled with the invitation to be engaged, with consistent expressions of love and affirmation, and a strong belief problems can and will be successfully addressed and resolved, then an environment of trust is created, one that brings hope and empowers family members. Children understand and experience what it means to be given a blessing for a hopeful future, to step out in faith and embrace all that God has for them.



Shaolin Soccer from Free Life on Vimeo.