Ignite the Spirit Fire (ISF) 2018

Burning Out

Ignite the Spirit Fire (ISF) Workshops (2 months program starting from June 2018)

Some Christians may lose their zeal as time goes by. It is common to experience this as a Christian.  Maybe perhaps you are still going to church but no longer feel you have the zeal in your relationship with God. Or maybe you are in this category that you do not go to church anymore but still love God and want to serve him.  Or perhaps some are shaking your heads and telling yourself now “I don’t have time”, “I already tried and got burnt out”.

On the other hand, you might not be a Christian, but have always been interested to find out more about Christianity and why it can lead to “Life to the FULL” and keep it lit, burning with joy and gratefulness.

What should I do with this dying zeal? How do we keep our spiritual fervour for the Lord as commanded in Romans 12:11? Don’t worry . Take heart! We have carefully planned a series of lessons in the workshop to help you to keep you fire lit.

There’ll be TWO International Asian Christian Conferences on 9th August 2018 – 12th August 2018 in Ipoh, those who complete the workshop with us will be given a generous discount to attend the conferences.
1. Asian Christian Singles Conference
2. Asian Christian Chinese Conference

ASC Welcome Video from Central Christian Church on Vimeo.

ACC Welcome Video from Central Christian Church on Vimeo.

If you are interested to get back your zeal for God, please contact Chee Tong @ +6012 739 5917 and Ying Jiun @ +6011 2328 7582 for more information and details.


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