Asian Discipleship Summit 2016 Classes

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Hello brothers and sisters, we have uploaded lessons and materials during Asian Discipleship Summit conference.Please go to our website in the Class Recordings Menu or you can directly by clicking this link

To God be The Glory!


Family-Youth interaction 2 (FYi2)

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Escape Rooms – Mission Impossible

You are called to the mission of the Impossible Missions Force’s (IMF) main field team under the command of YOU, to locate and retrieve a missing item from the The Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem. Reports from numerous informers’ sources, the item is believed to be well hidden on the 9th floor of TR building. You and your team is to race though time to find it before others did.

Escape Rooms

Date: 17th Jul 2016, Tower Regency Hotel, 17th Floor Sky Lounge
Time: 12:30pm – 3pm Lunch Provided

Spiritual & Successful Workshop

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Dear Friends,


You and your entire family are cordially invited to a special Saturday workshop taking place at the 11th Floor, Tower Regency on 28 May 2016 (Saturday), 4pm -5:30pm.

Our special speaker at the service will be Mr. Raymond Wong, a God-loving husband and father of two. Wong is a passionate leader who had been leading the Central Christian Church as Chairman for a number of years. He will be sharing on his experience as a well established lawyer and entrepreneur on how to lead a more spiritual and life transforming walk with God, and have a successful career at the same time.

We are privileged to have Wong this year since he is usually booked for many months ahead of time.

This is a free event.

Our prayer is that family and friends will all come together to hear the Word of God.

The details of the workshop can be found here.

Yours in Christ
Chee Tong and Ying Jiun
Central Christian Church of Malaysia (Ipoh)

Andrew’s Farewell 24 Apr 2016

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Today is Andrew last day with the Ipoh church. He was baptised on 6 Dec 2014 as a teen. He has been a very serving brother and has helped in youth events, bible talks, prayers during services and even helping as assistant teacher in the Sunday Kids Kingdom classes. We will surely miss his presence and friendship. Have a great future endeavor in KL, joining the Campus Ministry.

Andrew’s Farewell from Kindaichi_Lee on Vimeo.


Sue Yi’s Farewell 28 Feb 2016

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Today is Sue Yi’s farewell. She was baptised at Ipoh in Dec 2014. She was in the Ipoh church for a year. She is a serving and giving sister, always ready to serve whenever she is asked to help. Ipoh church will surely miss her friendship, love and support. Have a great future endeavor in KL. We love you!


Yannis’s Baptism 21 Feb 2016

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It is so awesome to see Yannis making Jesus Lord in her life. It has been encouraging seeing her embarking on her journey to know God. She was just Primary 6 when she started visiting our church and was very eager to study the Bible then.

She started studying the Bible since. She has fought through different challenges in her life, be it on her own character, or some life challenges, her heart never failed to seek after God and His Word. We are very proud of you, Yannis! Welcome to the Kingdom of God.


IPoh Man – 2015 Year End Movie Contest

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Ipoh Year End Mini Movie 2015 – The IP-oh Man from Free Life on Vimeo.

The Bible teaches that we should love one another with no boundary. This movie featured a disciple’s life in Ipoh Church. We featured him because he is a disciple from a far far away land of Mozambique. He came to Ipoh Malaysia to study. However, as an alien in a foreign land, he couldn’t locate our congregation for many months. He didn’t give up and finally he found the Ipoh Church. The movie showcases the making of a disciple, the commitment to God, and the community that has no boundary everywhere.

The making of the movie was the product of our very own Ipoh’s Youth and Campus Ministry! The movie received the “Most Entertaining Movie Award” in the 2015 Year End Mini Movie Award in Central Christian Church KL.