Chosen to Build Series 2018


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Chosen to Build Series


#1 Noah The Life Builder Noah, The Life Builder

#2 The Tower Builders – Right to Build or Building Right? The Tower Builders

#3 Joseph The Nation Builder – Daring God’s Dream  Nation Builder

#4 Moses & Bezaleel The Tabernacle Builders – Building for God Tabernacle Builder
Links to videos in sermon:
Video 1: Always trust God he has a plan for you. The plan of God.
Video 2: ORNEE™ Travel Mug – Anti Fall Non Spill Tumbler

#5 Joshua – The Memorial Builder – Remember & Fear God Memorial Builder
Links to videos in sermon:
Video 1:Father, Son and a Sparrow.
Video 2:Siapa Jojo?
Note: Sorry for the last 5 min of the audio being cut off due to battery.

#6 Gideon – The Extra Builder Extra Builder

#7 Special CNY Year of the Dog Sermon – Faith of a Dog Faith of a Dog
Link to video in sermon:
Video 1:Star Media Group CNY 2018: Ah Ma learns the truth

#8 David, The House Builder – The House Within David, the house builder
Links to videos in sermon:
Video 1:That’s not a knife
Video 2:Setia CNY TVC 2018 | Stay Together. Stay Setia

#9 Special Chinese Service – Building on the Rock 建立在磐石之上 Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 1.51.05 PM
Slides of Sermon: Sermon Building on the Rock Slides

#10 Ezra, re-builder of the temple – Builder of the Broken Temple Builder
Links to videos in sermon:
Video 1: Facing Fears | Cesar 911
Video 2: Mysterious Road of Jeju, S. Korea

#11 Nehemiah, the Wall Builder – Story of Walls Wall Builder

#12 Easter Service – The Two Gardens easter eggs

#13 Nehemiah – Building the Defence Wall Builder
(Sory for the quality of audio due to some technical fault.)
Links to video in sermon:
Video 1:Scott Green Tribute from ICOC HotNews (Sorry, due to copyright, ICOC HotNews video cannot be posted or shared anywhere online without the expressed permission of ICOC HotNews)
Video 2: Epic Patty Cake Song (I’ll Think Of You)

#14 Building the Body Body Builder
Link to video in sermon:
Video 1: a floating fire ant raft is pushed down on the surface of water

#15 Building Beyond Builder Beyond
Link to video in sermon:
Video 1: Children are Like Sponges

#16 Life to the Full Life to the Full.png